To support the reproducibility and transparency of my research, I do my best to make all my software public.  For many projects, I have also written toolboxes that are capable of far more than what is demonstrated in their associated papers.  At the same time, my software is still very much research software for numerical linear algebra.  I have been actively trying to implement best practices to improve the testing and robustness of my packages in more recent projects.  Stay tuned for updates!

For me, the ouroboros represents the trade-off between stability and efficiency underlying these algorithms.

Block Gram-Schmidt and Arnoldi

Lyapunov and Sylvester matrix equations

Functions of matrices and of tensors

Still taken from Morbius, a 2022 American superhero film notorius for the ironic meme "It's Morbin' Time"

Model Order Reduction Benchmarker (MORB)