• Numerical linear algebra

  • f(A)b, i.e., the computation of a matrix function times a vector

  • Krylov subspace methods

  • High-performance computing

  • Backward stability analysis

  • FAIR data principles and open access in science

Schwebebahn, Wuppertal, Germany, 2016
Wuppertal, DE, 2016

Publications, pre-prints, and technical reports

Errata: Algorithms 5 & 7 have a typo in the last couple lines, where the dimension s is written. It should be p. The code is written correctly.


For an overview of my thesis and related papers, check out the poster I presented at a recent conference at CIRM in Luminy, France. The format is modified from the "better poster" LaTeX template. Feel free to contact me for my TeX files.

Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin, Germany, 2015
Berlin, DE, 2015

Past work and interests

Train schedule optimization

In the summer of 2015, I spent two months at the Zuse Institut Berlin working on train schedule optimization as a part of GRIPS (Graduate-level Research in Industrial Projects for Students), a program coordinated in part by the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics. A summary of my team's work is provided as a technical report.

Traffic modeling

As an undergraduate at Temple University, I researched traffic modeling under Benjamin Seibold. I presented my work, Five Dimensions of Traffic as a poster for the 2012 Undergraduate Research Symposium at Temple University and also for Mid-Atlantic Numerical Analysis Day 2012.